Thinking about… membership?

One of the questions people ask a bit is ‘what does it mean to be a member at this church?’. We come from a denominational background of a very low bar on this one! Turn up at the AGM and you are in!

At TNE, we have started a ‘membership’ course called ‘God, Church and Me’. It doubles as a introduction to who we are as a church and aims to give people a chance to ask all their questions as well as hear about our core values and beliefs. We run through 4 main sessions on ‘Our vision’, ‘Evangelism’, ‘Community’, and ‘Serving’. We also have a couple of ‘hot topics’ – ‘Scripture’ and ‘Leadership’ – issues that are worth getting on the table early on. We also introduce people to our ministry leaders.

Last term we ran it over 3 Thursday nights. Today we will run it from 9-3 on a Saturday… will be interesting to see how it all goes.


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