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Thinking about… membership?

One of the questions people ask a bit is ‘what does it mean to be a member at this church?’. We come from a denominational background of a very low bar on this one! Turn up at the AGM and you are in!

At TNE, we have started a ‘membership’ course called ‘God, Church and Me’. It doubles as a introduction to who we are as a church and aims to give people a chance to ask all their questions as well as hear about our core values and beliefs. We run through 4 main sessions on ‘Our vision’, ‘Evangelism’, ‘Community’, and ‘Serving’. We also have a couple of ‘hot topics’ – ‘Scripture’ and ‘Leadership’ – issues that are worth getting on the table early on. We also introduce people to our ministry leaders.

Last term we ran it over 3 Thursday nights. Today we will run it from 9-3 on a Saturday… will be interesting to see how it all goes.


Wow! Wow! Wow!

First post in a while, but starting a new church hasn’t been a picnic! Here is a brief wrap up of first term. We have just crashed over the line after a big first term and are extremely thankful for God’s goodness in so many ways.
* The highlight of the term was ‘Nick’ becoming a Christian 3 weeks ago. We started a new church so that people could find out about Jesus and become disciples, so this has been a great answer to prayer.
* In terms of Sunday ministry, we have been getting about 140 people along each week to church. This peaked recently on Good Friday with about 160 people – something I couldn’t have dreamed about ten weeks ago.
* We have a constant stream of new people coming to ‘check us out’. It is too early to see how many of them will ‘stick’, but we are doing our best to welcome them into our new community.
* We have had the first of our ‘God, Church and Me’ membership course over three Thursday nights. It is how we aim to help people work out who we are and what makes us ‘tick’. About 30 people came along, and we have an all day Saturday course on 17 April with about 60 people signed up.

It doesn’t feel like that long ago that we were heading off from Trinity city as a bunch of mates to start a new church. Now things are very different… when I get up to preach and look around – there are just so many people I don’t know yet. Of course as exciting as this is, it has put stress on just about all of our ministry areas, and has highlighted the need for a small group network, due to start up in term 2.

Thanks for all your prayers and interest. The website will have more info on the happenings!