Getting kicked out of church can be a good thing!

Sometimes getting kicked out of church can be a great thing! Yesterday was the official ‘Commissioning and Sending’ of the members of Trinity North East from Trinity City. At each of the 5 gatherings, the members of TNE from that gathering were interviewed, prayed for, experienced the ‘laying on of hands’ and were encouraged to go for the sake of Jesus mission in the world.

As we anticipated it was a day of mixed emotions. Some of our ‘starter group’ have been at Trinity all of their lives, or 47 years in one case. Others have had significant involvement across different ministry areas, so saying goodbye to the regular contact at the city and to relationships was painful. And yet… we weren’t saying good-bye. On the one hand, as someone said – it is great when you can leave church and take 50 friends with you! But more than that to be part of the Trinity network of churches means that there is great encouragement of being just one part of something much bigger than ourselves. While there will be some loss of contact each week, our lives and paths will inevitably cross from time to time.

For me the most encouraging part of the day was hearing the members of TNE talking about why they are ‘being sent’ – it wasn’t because they were looking for a shorter drive to church but because they have local friends who they are hoping will be able to come to church and hear more about Jesus. Please pray this would indeed happen!


One response to “Getting kicked out of church can be a good thing!

  1. Praise God, and I’m glad to hear that there are still churches that send out missionaries even if it’s not to some distant obscure countries. God Bless you all.

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