An International Australia Day!

Today we marked Australia Day by having a lunch with the International Students connected with Holy Trinity. Many of them live in the North East or have friends out this way, so it was a great time to chat to them about the new church starting soon and introduce them to some of the pioneer members of Trinity North East.

Unfortunately I wasn’t just there for promotional purposes! At the last minute, I also got the role of ‘Australia Day Man’, so had to explain what Australia Day meant. I was thankful that I had taught Year 9 history some time ago! After lunch we finished the afternoon with a cricket coaching session down at the park – something I also wasn’t prepared for, but always happy to do!

It was a great time to spend with people who are relatively new to this country. Many of them are lonely with husbands, wives children and extended families back in their home country. It was great to hear my colleague Geoff remind them of the great news of dual citizenship that comes with faith in Jesus. As great as Australian citizenship is – to have citizenship in heaven is so much better!


One response to “An International Australia Day!

  1. Noice!

    I had some thoughts on being a citizen of heaven plus being a citizen of Adelaide 🙂

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