Monthly Archives: December 2009

Looking back on 2009…

Sorry about the delay between posts… obviously I haven’t had trouble with whooping cough or insomnia! Anyway, I thought I would close the year with some thoughts about where we are up to with Trinity North East.

Most importantly, I am staggered at God’s goodness to us. He continues to open doors for us to be involved in evangelistic conversations with people who are keen to investigate the gospel. There are also stacks of people who haven’t been in church for years who are looking forward to ‘re-engaging’ again in a Bible teaching church that isn’t teaching the prosperity gospel or propping up a local Amway chapter!

We also continue to build a positive relationship with our landlords at Modbury Hospital. Each meeting is more and more positive. They have even offered us additional rooms for the children’s ministry which we are over-joyed about. We need to keep praying that God would enable us to be a great blessing to the hospital community. It has at least 700 staff and 270 international students on site. Not to mention patients and their families and support people.

In terms of technical things, our new look website is coming together, due to be released at Christmas time. Thanks to technology at Animoto, we have even included a video/slide show thing! (you can view it here:
We have also ordered our sound system for the auditorium and a trailer to put it all in. (BTW we are looking for a laptop to use for powerpoint presentations, so I am happy to take any offers!)

The plan now is to finish up a few more logistical things like getting signs ordered and other crucial ministry issues(!), but then to take a break from Christmas for a couple of weeks. 2010 is going to be a huge year, so I am encouraging everyone to slow down for a bit of January, so that they don’t all mutiny on me come October!