What a weekend!

After publicising the Trinity North East weekend away some time ago, let me tell you how it went… it was brilliant! We had 52 adults and about 30 kids away with us for the weekend – a HUGE number given how many people had to apologise that they couldn’t make it. Going away for a weekend is always a risky thing to do.. will anyone come along? Will the kids sleep at night? Will the food be any good? Is it really necessary anyway? With regard to the last question, part of the challenge for us is bringing together people from 5 gatherings at Trinity City and people from Trinity Hills as well as some others, and trying to build a sense of community before we launch in February. My strategy was that the best way for people to get to know each other was to take them away. We had some great time in the Word with some terrific talks by Paul Harrington on 2 Peter. There was a ‘Ministry Expo’ on Saturday afternoon that profiled some of the key ministry areas next year. And of course the ‘compulsory’ family fun night as well, an absolute cracker!

Thanks for your prayers, we are one step closer to planting!
(PS See Paul Jansen to look at the photos!)


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